Happy Koala Month! What is Koala Month?

Happy Koala Month! What is Koala Month?

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September is here and it's finally Koala Month!

Koalas are marsupial


As being one of the cutest animals in the world, Koalas have been endangered since 2000. Being it the 20th anniversary, it has not only been a tough 2020 for just us but also for Koalas. Beginning at the end of 2019 the wild bushfires were happening in southern Australia. Killing 1 billion different species and 30,000 Koalas, this ended in mid-February.  

Koala Month is a whole month to not only dedicate these beautiful creatures but also help the ones that are trying to make a difference. We as a brand, to help wildlife sanctuaries around the world, saw that Koalas are becoming more extinct, the bushfire has also injured lots of koalas, and seeing the Australia Koala Foundation do so much to help Koalas, from planting a tree to even adopting a Koala, we decided that we can try to make a bigger difference. 

But why are Koalas so important? Koalas are marsupial mammals and they love to sleep for 19 hours, what a life! But did you know, Koalas play a huge roll in our global climate? According to the World Wildlife Foundation Australia, they "serve as ambassadors for the many other species that also inhabit the Australian bush"  Koalas impact not only in Australia but all around the world. South of Australia is mostly forest and bush and Koalas are the most effective species when it comes to storing carbons. We all know how photosynthesis works. But it shows the importance of these lovely creatures especially now when you need to rebuild everything after a bushfire.  

Being in a tough year where wildlife sanctuaries like AKF struggling to find help because of COVID-19. We think the best way to support them and help them with their needs. Like every other wildlife sanctuary we are trying to help, we are doing the same with the Australian Koala Foundation.  Each koala based item bought we donate 15% to help AKF.  We hope there is something for each one you guys.  

Here is a fact: Baby Koalas are so cute!

 Cute Baby Koala

Let us make a difference, we love saying that!  We want to spread this awareness even more especially in Koala Month, we know lots of people that love these beautiful creatures but they don't know how to help koalas or even wildlife sanctuaries. Planing everything out to help at a wildlife sanctuary takes lots of time. We hope that our small products can be the contribution they need and it will be a thank you from us to our appreciated followers and a thank you to the wildlife sanctuaries for letting us help with a important cause especially in a time where we are in a pandemic. Like we love to say, it's the little things that make a huge difference in the end. So let's make a difference! 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. You'll find us on Facebook or Instagram. So let the Koalas, and talk to us we are all ears. 


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