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About Us



      We are based from Berlin, Germany. Our goal is to help our planet as much as possible by selling multiple products like Charms, Necklaces, T-shirts, even Stuffed Animals to spread the awareness of endangered animals. There are over 30,000 species that are endangered and every year between 200 to 2000 go extinct. 

Our T-shirts, jewelry, stuffed animals and keychains represents some of the endangered animals and their Wildlife Sanctuary or Conservation Center. We do have upcoming projects for more information please subscribe to our Newsletter down below. 

Each T-shirt, jewelry, keychain or stuffed animal that is bought, a respected conservation center like the Australian Koala Foundation in Queensland, when you buy a Koala Charm bracelet, T-shirt, keychain or stuffed animal, get a 15% donation from us. 

You pick the animal and we donate.

We want to donate  $500,000 this year. It's only reachable if we work on it together. 

If you have any questions message us on either Facebook or Instagram. The information to that is down below. 

You can also email us at

Lets make a difference. :)